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House Rules

Dress Code and Hours
Members and their guests must wear appropriate attire at all times while in the Clubhouse. The Club requests members be respectful of our neighbors before 8:00 AM and after 10:00 PM.

Personal Communication Devices
Members and their guests are not restricted from using cell phones and other personal communication devices in theClub, but such devices should be silenced or perhaps turned off while in the Clubhouse.  Electronic devices, including laptop computers, are allowed.

It is the responsibility of members to assure that their guests are aware of and abide by the House Rules of the Club and act in accordance. Members hosting guests will be held accountable for the actions of theirguests.

Private Functions

The Club house maybe reserved in its entirety for private events on Sunday or Monday evenings after 5.  Members sponsoring functions at the Club must be in attendance and will be held accountable for the actions of the non-members attending sponsored functions. An event fee of $100 will be charged in addition to a cleaning fee of $50.  The number of private events will be limited on a monthly basis so as not to interfere with members usage. Reservations will be on the first come first serve basis.

Photography is permitted in the Clubhouse, but only for personal use.

Delinquent Accounts
Members are expected to settle their indebtedness to the Club within thirty days from the date on the bill.  Members who are delinquent in payment of their accounts will be subject to an administrative fee.

The Club name and the list of Club members are not to be used for commercial purposes of any kind. Unless otherwise permitted by the Board of Governors in advance, every event in the Clubhouse is deemed to be a private function and not for disclosure to the press or general public. Members may not publicize their membership or use of the Club except for purely social or biographical purposes or as permitted by the Board of Governors.

General Conduct
A Member who willfully or repeatedly infringes upon the rules and regulations of the Club, or its traditions, whose conduct is disorderly or offensive, or who uses the Club, its name or facilities for purposes inimical to the Club’s best interests, shall be subject to suspension or expulsion.

River Club
River Club
River Club
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