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About Us  
About the River Club

Exeter has long been a crossroads, from the native tribes of the Wehanownowit and the Sagamore of the Piscatoquake to English settlers who eventually established the Province of New Hampshire, Dominion of New England.  By the late 1700's, Exeter was a Revolutionary capital during America’s War for Independence; concurrently, John Phillips founded Phillips Exeter Academy, which today continues to enjoy a global reputation for excellence in education.  In the 20th Century, Exeter has even been rumored as a host for extra-terrestrial visitors.  After over 350 years of paths crossing at the point where the freshwater Exeter River meets the salty, tidal Squamscott River, an association of like-minded travelers has come together to create a meeting place at that convergence, called the River Club.   


The RIVER CLUB offers its' members a private riverfront  retreat rich in relationships and exceptional experiences.


River Club
River Club
River Club
River Club

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